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Our company gives an integral consultancy service to cover all our customers' needs on the following areas:


Cryptocurrency, whether used as means of payment or as an investment, is subject to a series of taxes (personal income tax, inheritance and donations, wealth tax, etc) and to the fulfillment of other information duties if a series of requirements are met (form 721).

For this reason we provide a comprehensive service in such a way that our clients see all their needs related to taxes fulfilled.

In the first place, we analyze the information provided by the customer regarding the form of cryptocurrency acquisition (purchase, exchange, received transfer, airdrop, hardfork, staking, mining, etc) to determine whether or not they are subject to statement.

Next, we detect if the operations that our customers carry out or will carry out with cryptocurrency that is susceptible or not to be registered as an economic activity, through the corresponding census models (model 036/037, registration in Social Security, registration in the ROI, etc) and compliance with quarterly and annual duties.

Regarding the value of the possible benefits to be included in the income tax return, we analyze the operations carried out in accordance with the FIFO method (applicable in Spain), calculating the capital gains or losses to be included in it.

We also calculate the values ​​to include in the case of inheritance or donation both in deeds and in corresponding tax models.

In addition, for those customers who request it, we can prepare a tax plan that allows them to optimize their investments.

Finally, in the event that our clients are obliged to present form 720 (assets abroad with a value greater than 50,000 euros, given a series of requirements), we advise them not only on the information to include, but we also prepare and present the corresponding form.

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